Welcome to The Backyard Burial Company

Backyard Burial Company Values

We Believe

-Pets improve our longevity, happiness and health.
-Pets are family and that pets should be memorialized like family.
-Planning ahead for your pet’s aftercare needs is both sensible and loving.
-Pet parents deserve warm, compassionate care and support when acknowledging the loss of a beloved pet.
-Providing an unmatched level of service that exceeds our families' expectations is vital.


Committed to serving pet lovers honestly and ethically, we support the tradition of honoring a beloved pet’s passing at home. We aim to improve the ways in which we say farewell to our pets, while making it easier for families to carry out meaningful memorials at home. We support family pets being present at the funeral for a loved one, as an important part of our human family.


We strive to support pet parents with empathy, dignity and understanding. We support the spiritual and emotional well-being of families who have lost a beloved pet. We take care of the details so you can focus on your family.


As protectors and caretakers of the earth and its animals, we are stewards of their care, well-being and respectful farewells. We understand that the animal companions entrusted to us are more than “just pets”. While acknowledging that nothing lasts forever, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect, we cherish their memory and celebrate the human-animal bond.

Backyard Burial Company Customer Testimonials

What Some of our Pet Parents Are Saying About Us...

Absolutely wonderful people to work with & product greatly exceeded my expectations. Excellent craftsmanship & very luxurious materials. Wonderful. I am very thankful.

This is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for your sympathies and kindness again. This is wonderful. You guys are wonderful.

I think you provide a really wonderful (if that's an appropriate descriptor given the nature of the product) product. Every time I came back to it I smiled, just what I want to do every time I think of my fur baby. Thank you for providing something truly unique. You have been wonderful to do business with, thank you.

Working with Jane was like talking to an old friend. Thank you so much for your compassion and attention to detail. What a special way to remember my best bub.

This is such a wonderful idea....so much better than a cold metal urn...love it. I also bought one to keep some valuables in. Thank Houdini.

Exactly what i needed

The item is beautiful and Dwight and Jane were very helpful throughout the purchase process -- would definitely buy from them again

Amazing detail and love how safely it came wrapped

They are awesome! My daughter loves them, and they came safely and quickly!

Even better than in the picture...what a wonderful idea...so much better than a cold, metal urn...thank you Cushmans