About Pet Cremation

About Pet Cremation

Cremation is the practice of reducing a body to compact easily portable ashes. Its simplicity and affordability make it a popular choice. With cremation a memorial service can be delayed at a later date so that family may be available to gather.

Families can request to witness their loved ones placement for cremation at most facilities. Each pet can be tracked through the cremation process with industry standard protocol ensuring identification.

With cremation the deceased is reduced to ashes through either incineration (flame based) or dissolution (water based) methods. Cremated remains can weigh 1 - 3 pounds depending on bone density, which is equivalent to about one-liter in volume.

Individual Pet Cremation Services

Approved cremation specialists follow professional cremation procedures to safeguard the identification of your beloved pet.

Each pet is accompanied by an Identification tag through the cremation process from their arrival at Backyard Burial. Documentation and an ID tag follow each pet through the entire cremation process.

What to do with Cremated Remains of a Loved One or Pet

Urns, Cremation Jewelry, Burial Urns, & Scattering

The cremated remains may be buried at home or cemetery, scattered, placed in memorial cremation jewelry, kept in a beautiful cremation urn for pets, placed in a burial urn or garden urn, or incorporated into memorial artwork such as personalized memorial portraits or added to a memorial reef.

Many families place save their pets ashes to be placed in the casket of a family member before the loved one is buried.

Ashes pose no threat to health or to the environment and ash scattering ceremonies do not require EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approval yet scattering laws may vary from state to state. Always check on the laws where you plan to scatter before doing so.