6 Helpful Cat Hairball Prevention Tips

Hairball problems with your medium to long haired kitty?

Emma the Ragdoll Kitty
Try these tips which have worked for my kitty, Emma, a Ragdoll.

1) Feed your kitty Grain free dry food both canned and dry kibble. We use "Wellness hairball control" from Amazon subscribe & save for the dry food.

Abound makes grain free wet food (available in stores) as does, purina beyond, and “i and love and you”. The last 2 brands are available on Amazon subscribe & save.

2) We add (mix together) 1/2 tsp dehydrated unsweetened coconut flakes to a wet/canned food twice daily. There is a brand made for cats called "Cotherapy", but we have found the human version "Let's Do Organic" works better, costs less and mixes better into the food. Just be sure to add a little warm water to the bowl before adding the coconut flakes. Let the flakes sit for a min or two to plump up, then stir in the canned food to mix it all together. (Both cat & human grade versions available on Amazon. Note the "Cocotherapy" only offers 1 bag at the price shown, but "Let's Do Organic" gives you 3 bags).

3) We give our kitty Vetriscience hairball prevention treats daily. I think it calls for 2/day but sometimes she gets 3. She’s been eating them for about 3 years now and hasn’t refused them yet.

4) Fresh water - it is also helpful to change all water bowls at least once per day.

5) If your kitty is skittish and has a nervous tummy in addition to the usual hairball problems, Vetriscience also makes a treat called “Composure Feline” (also on Amazon). It calls for 1 treat a day and works well for normally skittish kitties like our Emma.

6) Brushing - Last but not least... If your kitty tolerates a good brushing, regular brushing also helps to rid kitty of loose fur and keep hairballs at bay. We use a shedding blade on our kitty, who enjoys it. A shorter haired kitty we had much preferred the "furminator" comb. Experiment to find out what kind of brush or comb your kitty likes best.

Good luck and may your kitties find relief soon!